Digital Strategy

PR and Campaign Fundraising Strategy

Website Development

Website Management

At 3173 Media we identify and implement your vision, goals, opportunities, and related activities to maximize digital initiatives.

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Financial Analysis
  • Web Analytics
  • Portfolio Management

3173 Media develops a Public Relations campaign strategy to help you with the process of gathering voluntary contributions of money or other resources, by requesting donations from individuals, business, charitable foundations, or government agencies.

  • Crowdfunding
  • Face-to-face
  • Grassroots

3173 Media will plan, develop, and design your website for the World Wide Web. Our development can range from the simplest static single page to the most complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses, and social network services.

  • E-commerce
  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Blogs
  • Multimedia
  • Case Studies

3173 Media will manage your website on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis; depending on your needs. Clients email the content, images, and videos and we do the rest. We take the stress away by doing the updates and work for you so you can concentrate on your product or service.

  • Athletes
  • Small Business Owners
  • Non-profits
  • Music Artists
  • Filmmakers
  • Entertainers

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