Digital Media and Public Relations


3173 Media’s Mission is to be your digital Public Relations Manager and Digital Media Consultant for e-Commerce, fundraising, website development, management, and strategy.  


Our services include Market Research, Reputation Management, Social Media Marketing/Management, and Website Analytics.


We help our clients improve their online reputation and ensure their marketing messages appeal to their publics.


A key feature of our service is the ability to advise you on the right website products, services, and digital media content. We have the ability to write, produce, direct, and edit audio and digital video for radio, television, and the web.

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Key Facts
Unlike most Digital Consultants, Producers, Public Relations and Website Managers all of our services are in-house. We do not outsource your project to third-party entities or overseas companies. We are educated in key areas and have a deep understanding of how to reach and hit goals.
Management and Strategy
3173 Media creates digital strategies, and workable ideas to help our clients reach their goals. We manage and measure data across many platforms, including Google Analytics, Facebook, and Hootsuite.
Market Research
3173 Media uses an organized effort to gather information about your target markets, customers, and publics. Our business strategy provides important information to identify and analyze the market need, size, and competition. We use qualitative and quantitative techniques to help you reach your goals.
Website Development
3173 Media creates responsive landing pages, and websites. We specialize in digital media and e-Commerce websites making them easily viewed on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.


Fundraising and Public Relations

Information Technology

New Media Production

Website Management